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1395 Lanzarote 2019-461

Cameras don’t take pictures. People do.

It’s a motto I live by and a lesson I teach every photographer hungry to learn more about photography. It doesn’t matter if you have a second hand camera that’s 10 years old compared to your mate’s brand new state of the art camera. What matters is how you take the photo.

When you’re starting out with your photography journey, you might be wary of being attracted by the wrong features. It can be mind boggling to be faced with so many choices and so much ‘shiny’ as I like to call it.

I attended a fantastic event where I was lucky enough to speak but what I want you to take from the video is the chats I had with other photographers. Their varying ideas of what matters in terms of functions will be really enlightening for you when you’re thinking about your camera purchase.

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Cambodia WS-237

Children are an absolute joy (mostly) and we love having beautiful photos of our dear little ones in place of pride in our homes. 

They make wonderful gifts for family and hold memories that dissipate so quickly as they transition from toddler to child to pre-teen and beyond!

As much as children are a favourite subject, kids photography is never as straightforward because kids generally aren’t perfectly poised. Unless of course they are young monks… because then you would get this epitome of discipline shown by these boys...

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1395 Lanzarote 2019-220-HDRSunsets are spectacular. They splash vibrant hues across dull skies and light up clouds with a backlighting that could only come from the heavens.

Sunsets are romantic, overused in happy endings and really exciting to photograph. One of my absolute favourite times of day is the golden hour. That brief interlude between day and night when the sky comes alive…

1329 Vietnam 15-371

Learning the different functions of your camera can seem like an overwhelming task when you first get started. Every upgrade comes with a host of new features supported by spanking new software! You don’t need it all. Cameras don’t take pictures because photographers do.

That being said, there are a few core features that I do encourage you to get to grips with because it will make a huge difference to your images. Here we are going to look at understanding shutter speed and how to use it effectively.

Let’s start right at the beginning. Shutters on cameras are the same as shutters on houses. The shutter is a curtain that blocks the camera sensor until you’re ready to take the photo. When you take the photo, the shutter opens and lets light hit your sensor. 


The rule of thirds is a top trick to have in your rolodex of go to tools for photography. Make sure you take time out to practice it and see how you can make it work for you!

Pop me an email and send me your photos using the rule - I’d love to see what you’re learning. 

You will see for yourself how effective this simple composition rule is and how it makes a huge difference in your work. 

zurich-photography-workshop-Kim-Zehntner-3Photography appeals to you - it’s a great hobby, gets you outdoors and will push your boundaries. You’re interested but not sure how to start and that’s okay.

The art of photography can be overwhelming. There are so many experts and multiple paths of learning which can be enough to make you want to put it off.

But remember, everyone has to start somewhere!

I’ve written this handy blog so you know what your options are, are clear on the investment needed and have some top tips to get going.

Myanmar 059Photography is magic. It is a way of capturing moments that we want to hold onto forever. Wedding photos, baby photos, trips of a lifetime all come to mind. It is also a way to challenge ourselves - to think outside the box and to push the limits of what we think we are capable of.

Learning photography is really exciting and my favourite part about new people jumping in and wanting to learn is watching them grow throughout their photography training. But how does one start this life changing journey? 

what do you want as a photographerWhat Do You Want From Your Photography?

  • Ability to shoot perfect images instinctively
  • Recognition as a great photographer by friends, family and peers?
  • To see your images published or wining awards?

how to take good photosHow to take good photos is a question we get asked a lot. It's not your camera that matters, it's your understanding of composition, light and how to use your zoom. Once you know these things taking good photos is easy with any camera.

Our Ultimate Beginners Course will help you with this.

child and cameraWe all want great photos of our children growing up and with digital it’s so easy to create a photo record of them as they grow.