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White Balance pt. 2

Inspiration for photographers


Setting white balance on your camera is easy - and it'll ensure colour consistency in your images.

This wedding cake is half yellow and half a blue because there are two light sources and they're different colours - the inside household bulbs are yellow and the daylight from the window is blue. (I'll show you how to get round this)

All light sources have a colour cast of their own called colour temperature - but we don't often notice with our eyes because our brains colour correct everything for us.

Even outside daylight changes colour according to time of day, sunshine or shade or cloud, and by setting white balance it's very simple to correct.

Imagine how upset a Bride would be if her dress is a tiny bit pink in this shot, a bit green in another and slightly blue in the next. By setting a white balance for each shot it's no longer a problem. And once you know how - I promise it's easy.

If you're not sure what white balance is - watch our 'White Balance & Kelvin' film first.

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