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Scene in a scene

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When confronted with a scene it is all too easy to try and capture everything in one go. But often less is more. In this landscape photography composition tip I joined the master Tom Mackie on an exceedingly dull day to get him to explain.

If you put too much into a picture it can be very confusing for the viewer and they won't understand what the picture is all about and know where to look. This often happens in landscape photography.

When you're composing an image don't forget you're losing most sensory input. Smell, sound, the breeze on your skin are all lost and only visual remains. There's usually a scene within the scene if you look for it which will be more powerful and say much more about a place than the big overview picture.

Take a moment to consider the scene in front of you and whether or not it'll work as a whole. Maybe take a couple of test images, look at them in the LCD and ask yourself if it works. If not are there any features you could use a long lens with it's narrow field of view to isolate a part of the scene to get a much simpler image with more impact.?

Landscape expert Tom Mackie and I show you how easy it can be to find a scene within a scene which will dramatically improve your landscape composition.

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