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Composition and Framing

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lanzarote photography workshopWhen framing a composition always think about how you want tom position the elements of the photo. Great images rarely just ‘happen’ by accident. It’s the photographer’s responsibility to not only spot something interesting in the first place, they have to think why it’s appealing and how to portray that.

So how do you do it? You have to consider the various elements you’re looking at, the things which attracted you in the first place and ask yourself why they attracted you.

Our eyes and brains can often deceive us. We see the bits we like and completely miss other elements which could actually trash our photo if they are not first noticed, then dealt with appropriately.

To do it, remember to look all around your viewfinder as you compose an image. Is anything intruding? Is anything distracting you from what the image is about? If there is, think about how to stop it messing with your beautiful photo.

A tiny change to focal length, pointing the camera up / down even a fraction or just bending your knees a bit might be all it takes to lose those pesky distractions and turn a nice photo into a great photo.

Try different viewpoints, stand in the ditch, out the ditch, try the other side of the road, with more foreground, less foreground. This is part of thinking like a photographer. If you can’t thing like a photographer it’s impossible to be one.

And do it alone because you can’t concentrate when someone’s waiting for you huffing and puffing and wishing you’d hurry up. Make time for YOU alone…

In the video you’ll have seen how I experimented with different positioning and framing. Even when I thought I’d got the shot in the bag I still tried a few more things just in case I missed something… It’s normal; it’s what photographers do.

You don’t need to shoot hundreds of images of the same thing to get a ‘good one in there somewhere’. You just need to think before you leap and think again how else it might work.

Bring home 5 or 6 images you like rather than hundreds of mediocre ones and make it part of your workflow to edit them down to just the very best.

You may have fewer images but they’ll be images you’re proud to have taken…

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