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Breaking The Rules Of Composition

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The rules of composition are great to get you started on your photography journey, but they are not 'hard and fast' - like, you must do this kind of rules. They are guides to some well recognised things that work when composing a picture. However when you can break the rules, you often get a far more eye catching image. So how do you begin to break the rules of composition when you're just starting out?

My advice would be never be afraid to experiment, try new angles and different ways to position the elements of your photo within the viewfinder. For example, it's said a portrait should have the person looking into the larger space of the composition. Yes, it looks OK, but if you do the opposite and have them look to the edge instead it gives the shot a more 'edgy' feel. I'm not going to give you an example on purpose because the key to mastering photography is to try stuff out and see what happens. Consider this to be one of your first experiments...

Mastering composition (and photography in general) is done by trying things to see what happens. Don't be afraid in case it doesn't work. Like I said in the video I failed my way to success. And remember, all those stunning images you see posted by others, in magazines etc are just the ones they want you to see. I promise they got it 'wrong' many times before they got it 'right'.

If you’d like me to help you as I've helped many thousands of others, complete The Masterclass in Photography and you’ll know everything you need to master your camera, have a great understanding on using light and composition. 

If you're already super good with these things but want to go to the next level and truly think like a photographer, the 7 Building Blocks of Photography will give you the thought process used by pro photographers to seamlessly connect the creative and technical aspects of photography for any image…

And before I go a huge thank you to our model Karina Kinga-Kiss. Please go say hi to her on Instagram... @karinakiss

Be well till next time… 

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commasopencommascloseI feel the Masterclass in Photography is value for money.  It certainly helped me feel more organised and confident with my camera and gave me the motivation I needed to just "get out there and have a go".

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