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Using Long Lenses

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We all know long lenses bring far off things nearer, but by developing a long lens technique you can shoot some really creative and eye catching images.

A long lens does more than just magnify and bring far away things in closer. Long lenses have their own look and will work better for some subjects than other - and I don't just mean distant ones.

Try using long lenses for landscapes, portraits and even close up 'macro' type shots and they'll add a new dimension of wow factor to your photography.

Once you've got your head around your long lens you'll realise they do far more than just magnify distant objects - they open up a whole new realm of creativity.

In this long lens technique film we'll show you ..

  • How things look through a long lens
  • How to shoot perfect portraits with a long lenses
  • Long lenses and the landscape
  • How to shoot close ups with long lenses

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