Lensbaby Pt. 3

7 Building Blocks of Photography 2

In Lensbaby parts 1 and 2 we looked at what it is and what makes it special, then we went through how to set the aperture, sweet spot and exposure, now lets get a bit closer and show you how to put impact into something as simple as a pint and a glass of wine on a pub table.

I know I said to use a tripod in part 2 but that's not always do-able so in this tip I'm shooting free hand. But the principles of setting up your Lensbaby are the same.

Lensbabies are not something to be hurried. Think the shot through and put the pieces together one at a time to achieve the result you want, which to be honest should be how you take any photo.

This time we're going to take a bit more care with composition that we did last time. Where in the frame are you going to place your beer? You don't have to do the same as and this is one of the great things when composing a photo with a Lensbaby. You can put the sweet spot anywhere!

I'm using a Lensbaby composer which is a 50mm focal length. By combining it with a bit of a diagonal tilt and framing the beer with the porch of the bub I'm already making a pleasing composition - which is enhanced by the Lensbaby effect. For more about this fab lens visit the Lensbaby website.

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