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Using a Medium Lens

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A standard lens is also known as a mid-range or medium range lens and is somewhere around 50-100mm long.

Standard lenses are roughly how we see the world with our eyes in that the way they compress perspective is about the same. Therefore they give your photos a very natural look.

Perhaps not as dramatic looking as a wide or long focal length lens, medium lenses are great for landscapes and portraits of people in their environment.

Because they're not as visually exciting as their long and short cousins medium lenses can make you work on your composition and lighting harder and we have a 50mm lens exercise for you to try for yourselves.

By developing a standard lens technique you'll know the best time to use one and the kind of subject / image it'll work best for

In this video we'll explain and demonstrate what a 'medium' lens is and how perspective looks through a 'medium' lens.

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