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Photo Editing tools

7 Building Blocks of Photography 2


Photo editing is a big subject which can be a bit overwhelming when you start out. All those tools and terminology - where do you start?

Well I've been there too and know what that's like. I began learning photo editing in Photoshop at page one of the incredibly thick book that comes with the program.

We're using Photoshop because it's the big daddy of photo editing tools - but these basics can be found in pretty much all photo editing software.

In this video we'll show you where to begin with the most straight forward photo editing tools most often used to bring out the best in your photos.

  • How to brighten and darken an image
  • Adjusting contrast
  • Selecting and working on one area of a photo
  • What layers are for and how to use them
  • How to remove unwanted items like drain pipes growing out of a baby's head!

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- Jonathan Kimberley  -