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Diagonal Composition Pt.1

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A diagonal composition is made using a line or link between the elements of a picture - but how do you create them?

Some diagonal compositions are natural - they are that way in real life, but others have to be aligned that way by you the photographer moving from side to side and making careful adjustments to where your camera is pointing in order to achieve the diagonal relationship.

In this photo of a boat with the setting sun the diagonal relationship between the boat and sun didn't occur naturally - I had to create diagonal composition between the two myself.

"So how did you manage to move the sun smart ass?" I hear you ask.

It's really simple. By standing to the right of the boat the sun's on the right of the image so the diagonal composition flows bottom left to top right. If I'd moved to the left of the boat the sun would move with me and the diagonal would then go top left to bottom right instead.  There's more on this in the composing a photo video.

If you want to learn more about creating diagonals in your photography my Masterclass in Photography will set you on the right path.

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