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A look at Gimp

Masterclass 3


Meet our Gimp expert Sam - he's going to tell you all about. Gimp photo editing software which is free to download and is available for both mac and PC.

Sam is qualified as an architect and is an expert with all kinds of photo editing software. This is his first film and we can't tell you how nervous he was - but he's not only good at explaining, he's got a great sense of humour to.

Gimp can do most things that you'd expect to find in other programs like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Photo Plus etc.

In this Gimp tutorial Sam'll show you ...

  • what Gimp looks like and
  • where to find things
  • opening an image
  • cropping
  • un-doing mistakes
  • saving different file formats

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commasopencommascloseBefore Masterclass in Photography I was going though all the different setting and getting confused. You have to learn your camera before applying what Mike has taught. It is because he such clear instructions that you realize its really understanding how to set up the camera for a situation.

- Kevin Morgan -