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Good Light Pt. 3

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Good available lighting for portraits can be found in the most unexpected of places. And don't confuse 'Good Light' with 'Lots of Light' because the two are completely different.

These two portraits were taken seconds apart and within two feet of each other. One works brilliantly - and the other doesn't because the lighting is all wrong for a portrait.

Look closely and you'll see the pic on the left isn't just brighter - it's different.

We don't tend to notice the way light plays on a subject, we only see the subject itself and for most of us finding good light is something that has to be learnt.

When you're out and about start looking at the light on people's faces rather than the face itself. Are there any shadows? Do those shadows look good or not? If the person moves or turns one way or the other - do the shadows change? If they do does the person look better for it or not? Start asking yourself these questions and you'll learn how to look at light.

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