What is A Photo Workshop?

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Workshops are possibly one of the elements of my work that I enjoy the most. Being able to spend time with like-minded people, eager to learn and develop their own skills in environments that are sometimes out of their normal comfort zone and have many unique things to offer. Also I love travel, meeting people, exploring different cultures (also giving something back to these cultures) it's something I find adds real value and depth to my experience of life - and it's fun!

My workshops fit all budgets from my beginners workshops based on the south coast of the UK (Not far from my home), Cameras Don't Take Pictures seminar days which I try to spread across the UK to make them as accessible as possible, to more far flung locations like Asia and Iceland.

Many of my clients have been on more than one, if not all of my workshops so they know the benefits of joining me on a photgraphic adventure and have already taken the risk of signing up with 'the scruffy looking fella' from YouTube. Naturally other people however are more cautious and although they would love to commit to a workshop, they put up barriers in their own mind as to why they're good for other people but not them!

Photographers often tell me they dream of doing a photoworkshop, but have questions about their skill level, kit not ‘professional’, language in a strange culture… 

In this Live Broacast I invited previous workshop attendees to moderate the chat and answer questions directly to viewers so that my watchers got an honest answer to any questions they had - unedited by me or my team (not that I ever would - feel free to read more honest reviews here :-)

So what have you got to lose, if you're thinking about a photography workshop - go for it!

Untill next time...

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