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Photo Critique Scare

Masterclass 4


As popularity of our monthly Facebook photo contest has grown, we're going to critique the winners and runners up in a video, as well as a written one.  The competition is just for fun and  winning images become our banner for the month, so you get to showcase your image to over 10,000 people. Runners up go in the runners up gallery and we give them some feedback and encouragement.

Critiques are done either by me (Mike) or my PA, photographer Melissa Fox. Where possible we'll be doing them together and are happy to announce that this will now be a regular feature from now on.

Last month’s photo contest theme was  “Scare” because we wanted something less connected to typical photography disciplines. We wanted something inspirational to make you be CREATIVE and to think like a photographer.

Being scared/horrified is a powerful emotion and emotion isn't an easy thing to convey in a photo. It takes loads of creativity as well as technical know how to pull it off. Yes we were being tough on everyone, but hey we all need a challenge to help us grow. To judge the competition we looked at your artistic points as well the technical aspects

Our critiques are always intended to help you grow as photographers so we look for areas we feel could be improved upon, as well as just saying how much we like it...

These images and critiques can be seen in the Winners and Runners Up albums in the Photos section on our Facebook page.

We were inspired by everyone who submitted their images. None of the decisions were easy and if you weren't picked please don't think there's anything wrong. As with all competitions it's only the opinion of the judges.

Congratulations to the winners on their stunning photographs!

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