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Bridge Camera or DSLR?

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Should you upgrade from a Bridge camera to a Digital SLR? Is changing from a Bridge camera to a DSLR an upgrade? We’ve been asked about this a lot and though this video is one of our earlier subscription based videos I thought we should re-post it.

It was when Zoran phoned me all the way from Zagreb a couple of years ago about this issue we thought we’d better get on and make it.

All cameras are capable of capturing great quality images - even phone photography can be awesome so to me the issue isn't if buying a DSLR is an upgrade in quality, it's about whether or not I can achieve the images I want to and how easy it is.

There are pros and cons for both. DSLR cameras are big. They need a bag with a couple of lenses and other bits and bobs which you have to lug about with you. On the surface they appear complicated and are the kind of thing you need to be very technically minded to master.

Whereas Bridge cameras are obviously small, easy to carry and give you pretty much the same controls as a big fat DSLR. And of course they’re much less complicated, or so you might think. At the end of the day the key to all photography is knowing how to use light, lenses and how to compose an image.

This is the first time I’ve tried a Bridge Camera against a DSLR to see what difference there’d be at what is to me the sharp end of photography,­ the ability to quickly and easily shoot the image I see in my mind.

It was certainly interesting to find out.

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