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An Introduction to Lighting

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Lighting and photography go hand in hand. Good lighting in photography is crucial if you want to shoot images that look great, convey a mood or simply show off your subject at their (or it's) best.

Both these photos of Tasha were taken within feet of each other and only a few moments apart - but look at the difference! I know which one I prefer and which one Tasha would say 'Mike that's awful' when she saw it.

With only a little knowledge and a bit of care lighting in photography is actually very simple and it'll make a world of difference to your pictures.

The first thing to recognise is that lots of light doesn't necessarily mean that it's 'good' light. You need to understand what's appropriate to your subject - the old story about having the light coming from behind you is not often the best way to go.

In this video we'll show you how simple basic lighting in photography can be - and as you move on through this section about lighting you'll quickly get the hang of what to look for and how to master techniques like back lighting and more...

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