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2011-12-28 19:44:15
If I'm taking pictures of 2 people, how would I be able to choose the correct focus point so that both people are in focus? Or do I have to adjust my Aperture?
Focus points with group shots
gglaf - 28, Dec 2011 @ 19:44
1, Jan 2012 @ 02:46
2011-11-02 20:38:31
I've been reading about hyperfocal distance and, miracle of miracles, I actually understand it. What I don't understand are two things that I hope someone can explain to me please. First thing - when you dial in hyperfocal distance on your lens (lens is on manual focus) do you have to press the shutter half way down move your lens around until you get the focus beep and then recompose or is setting the hf distance enough? Secondly, what about the hf distance that doesn't appear on your lens, ie. too long - do you adjust the f/number on an hf calculator until you get an hf distance that's within your lens capability. For example, I was using an 85mm lens which has a maximum manual focus distance setting of 10m then it goes to infinity but I needed to dial in a much higher hf distace than 10m. I wanted sharpness from front to back hence trying out things with hf length. Maybe I'm getting too technical so if so any help/advice would be igreatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Sue
Hyperfocal Distance
Sue1205022314 - 2, Nov 2011 @ 20:38
4, Nov 2011 @ 18:16
2011-11-02 16:01:27
Hi Mike
I have just watched your video on Child Photography.Firstly, I was wondering what metering option you was using and if it was Aperture priority You use.
My main question is regarding the sharpness. I really struggle to get the eyes sharp on my 2yr old little boy when he is running around like the little girl on the film, but you seem to manage it very well. I am fine if my subject is still or its an adult that looks at the camera, but I just really struggle with this. I like to use a wide aperture like 2.8 but given there is not much room for mistakes I have tried a smaller aperture but still have problems. And with fast shutter speeds it still not always that sharp. Also despite where the little girl was on the beach you always seemed to get the eyes well lit, another problem I have when he is on the move.
Hope you can help.

Child Photography Video
Rowbow - 2, Nov 2011 @ 16:01
Mike Browne1053
4, Nov 2011 @ 17:41
2011-07-10 08:09:37
Not really a question, just my personal experience.
Many years ago I was a medium format man using a camera with very little automation and using a hand held exposure meter. For a few years the photography was side-lined and I was seduced by all the new automation for taking any shots I had time to take. I'm now back in the game and have just purchased a Canon 60D. I had a spare hour of two so I watched your series of Video's on Getting Pictures sharp, not thinking I would gain anything from them as "I knew it all". Well was I wrong. It wasn't that I learned anything new per se but the videos reminded me of some basic points that I archived in my memory. I'd become so reliant on the Cameras automation I forgot that the camera was just a machine and I needed to help it understand what I wanted eg the focusing point. Stupid I know.
I was getting all smart with the exposure, compensating with exposure comp to get what I wanted, completely forgetting the camera had no idea what to focus on.
For me now, I may start using the manual focus more as pre-setting the focus point sometimes is a hindrance to my composition as the subject is not always exactly where the focus point is in the Viewfinder. Of course I could pre focus using the focus lock feature but that's getting technical again.
Great Video's
Graham Neil - 10, Jul 2011 @ 08:09
Mike Browne
15, Nov 2011 @ 14:54


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