As though it were a one to one teaching....

3rd Mar 2022

I have been using film cameras for many years especially medium format cameras, and thought "I know about photography, how the cameras work, composition etc etc, manually developing and all that", so why buy this course?

I had read many books on photography but to be honest they were still, bland and a flat way of learning. So when I watched the preview video of this course, something made me buy it. And wow, am I glad I did.

Being able to see through the camera and the different views of the same subject was just invigorating. Also the way Mike teaches is to take you along to the shoot and explain everything as though it were a one to one teaching.

This course is excellent and well put together. Every lesson flows from the first to the last. The way I will be using my long lenses is going to change now. Before, they were just to make far objects closer but now I have a new way of using them thanks to part of this course.

Well worth every penny and even more. Thanks Mike.