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How much must I spend Pt. 1

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Spending more money on a camera should mean you’re getting something extra ­ but what is it you’re getting for your hard earned cash? And what difference will it make to your images?

Manufacturers are always urging us to upgrade and there are benefits such as advances in technology, better ISO performance and as you spend more you get better build and image processor quality.

But does buying a better camera mean you’ll take better photos?

Most photography is not a function of your camera. It's a function of you the photographer. It's your ability with composition, light and an understanding of how to use different focal lengths which make the biggest difference to how an image looks.

We’re often asked this so we took Mike’s £1000 Nikon D300 with a £300 lens and a £5000 D3X with a £2000 lens out to the seaside and shot identical images on both to to see what if any differences there are.

In part 2 we'll take a closer look at the images taken in this film in the computer to compare them up close and personal. Oh and by the way, ­ here’s the Pro vs Consumer lens test I mention in the film.

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