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Organise Your Workflow

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Are You Stumbling About In A Dark Room With Lightroom?

Mike BrowneDo your photos go 'Missing'?
Can't find them when they do?
Unsure what Catalogs are - or do?
100s of unused images cluttering your workspace?
Loads of duplicate images all over the place?
Do you sometimes want to scream at Lightroom?

If you said YES to any of these, 7 Steps To Workflow Mastery is for you...

  • NEVER have a photo go missing again
  • Find any photo - quickly and easily
  • Find your favourite photos with one click
  • Metadata demystified & added on import
  • Partially develop images automatically
  • Sort out the mess you're in now...


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DL Cade7 Steps to Workflow Mastery is a must for anybody who intends to use Lightroom to its full potential, simple as that.

Mike Browne has finally given this subject the attention it deserves, showing even the most hapless among us just how simple it can be to get organised in Lightroom.

DL Cade:  Editor In Chief  500 px


If you rely on free stuff alone, you'll find good but conflicting advice and get confused. This course gives you a solid framework.

Peter Millar: Photographer

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7 steps to workflow mastery7 Steps To Workflow Mastery

7 week downloadable course delivered by email containing a link to each week's video lessons, worksheets and exercises.

It's designed so you're not hit with information overload and have time to practise one step at a time.

Completing the weekly excercises you will learn tools to help you and implement efficient, repeatable workflow.

All materials can be copied to mobile devices so it's always with you.

Intention: To speed up and organise your workflow, know where all your images are and find them fast so you have more time for the sexy business of developing your beautiful photos.

Which Version of Lightroom?

7STPP is for subscription Lr Classic CC (previously just called Lr CC) and stand alone versions Lr6 / Lr2015 / Lr5.

It's relevant to earlier versions back to Lr4, though a few tools featured in the course may be missing from older versions.

If your Lightroom looks like this, you're good to go.

lightroom classic CC

I do NOT recommend 7STPP for the new cloud based 'Lite' version now called Lightroom CC which looks like this...

7stpp new lightroom cc

It has a different interface, fewer tools and options. Adobe have said Lightroom Classic will continue alongside the new version which is geared more towards mobile devices as well as desk / laptops.

How will I benefit from it?

  • Collections and other tools will de-clutter your workspace
  • Keywords and copyright added quickly
  • No more 'Missing Photos'
  • Find all photos fast with your favourite photos one click away
  • Everything backed up

How will that be achieved?

  • 52 unique video lessons (5 1/2 hours total)
  • 7 sets of printable notes
  • Weekly exercises for practise and to build a proper workflow


Pete hayward WFMThis workflow makes saving and sorting pictures so easy. It’s worth considerably more than the price and I definitely recommend it.

Pete Haywood



I have converted my old workflow to the new system using a folder tree, labeling and star rating tools and collections to work and develop my images. My new workflow is easy to manage and well backed up as per Mikes advice throughout the course.

Jim McDowall

What's the syllabus?

Week 1: Set up a new workflow

  • Workflow Explained
  • Make a Folder Tree
  • Explore The Library
  • Import options and how to use them
  • Bonus - How to find missing photos
  • Exercises

Week 2: Catalogs

  • Catalogs Explained
  • How to find your Catalog
  • Making new Catalogs - and why
  • Moving and renaming Catalogs
  • Bring LR default workflow into your new one
  • Catalog backup
  • Exercises

Week 3: Importing and choosing what's worth keeping

  • Importing, 1st Edit
  • Copy as DNG, copy, move and add explained
  • Preview types and add to collection
  • Rename files as they're imported
  • Destination, how to add photos to your Folder Tree
  • Exercises

Week 4: Sorting, rating and deleting the 'bad' ones

  • Maximise the display - see what you're doing
  • 'Delete' or 'remove' a photo?
  • Quick develop helps you choose (and speeds things up)
  • Image sorting and rating (flags, stars and colour labels)
  • Compare and survey help you choose
  • Stacks keep things tidy
  • Painter (spray can) tool for speedy rating
  • Exercises

Week 5: Metadata, keywords and copyright

  • Keywords and metadata - find and protect
  • The keywording panel explained
  • Keyword suggestions tool
  • Keyword sets are handy
  • Keyword list is brilliant
  • How to remove or delete keywords (and what's the difference)
  • Copyright your photos - set up a preset
  • Painter tool with keywords and metadata
  • How to find photos fast
  • Exercises

Week 6: Collections

  • What they are and how they work
  • Make a collection
  • Collection sets
  • Smart collections (I love these)
  • Target collections explained
  • How to remove images from a collection - or a whole collection
  • Exercises

Week 7: Renaming, moving and backing up EVERYTHING

  • Renaming photos and folders safely
  • Moving folders
  • Moving photos
  • How to back up everything and restore it if your hard drive fails
  • Full workflow demonstration (how I do it from connecting the camera to ready to develop)
  • Exercises

Frequently Asked Questions

Our 7 week courses FAQ section will answer any other queries. There are links back here when you've found your answers.



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