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If you don't think like a photographer - it's impossible to be one

The '7 Blocks' is a repeatable thought process that links the technical and creative aspects of photography for intermediate and advanced photographers. The most important thing in all of photography is you. And you are frequently overlooked in favour of some gadget or upgrade.

  • Could you cook delicious food if you didn't think like a chef?
  • Would you get a standing ovation if you didn't think like a musician?

NO - and it's the same with photography. 

I can teach you this simple 7 step method of thinking so you'll quickly, easily and instinctively have the perfect lighting, composition and camera settings for every image.

If you want people to love your images, knowing about the camera isn't enough. To be a photographer you have to think like one.

What's in this 7 week online course?

Combine Creative and Technical aspects of Photography

  • How to Think like a Photographer
  • Using and predicting light
  • How to find compositions that work
  • Know instinctively which focal length lens you need
  • Know which Camera Settings to use
  • Take home images you're proud to have taken
  • Gain confidence as a photographer

Delivered Weekly You Can Download and Keep...

  • Over 5 hours of unique never seen before video
  • Tutorials and worksheets delivered weekly
  • Practical exercises
  • 3 Free bonus videos
  • Extra 2 hour lesson on week 8!
  • Copy to your devices and take with you

How is your photography course delivered?

On completing checkout, we'll email you a receipt and a few minutes later your log in details to our online training centre. You can change these from inside your account.

Weekly tutorials, notes and exercises are added in your account every seven (7) days to completion.  You can pause or speed up your course should you wish. 


Adam Scorey"Mike is extremely good at explaining how to combine complex, technical things with subtle creative choices. 

Simple and straight forward. I suggest you listen to what he says."

Adam Scorey

Group editor: Professional Photography Magazine / Photography Monthly Magazine / Turning 'Pro' Magazine