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In Full Focus Course Package

$455.00 USD approx
In Full Focus Photography Course

Mike BrowneAre you confused by your camera?
Don't understand light?
Struggle with composition'?
Lose image files and get in a mess?
Does your retouching look 'photo-shopped'?
Do you wonder how you 'should' do it?

If you said YES to these questions, 'In Full Focus' is a bundle of my entire curriculum. It's all you need in one place.

  • Get off auto - take control with UBC (FREE)
  • Think like a photographer - 7 Blocks
  • Easily store, sort and find image files - Workflow Mastery
  • Perfect post production - 7 Steps To Perfect Pictures
  • EXCLUSIVE VIDEO BONUS - Cameras Don't Take Pictures seminar filmed at the 2019 Photography Show, Birmingham, UK

In Full Focus is all you need to master photography

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Includes: over 24 hours of video tutorials, exercises, PDF notes and coaching videos to keep you inspired

The Beginners Course is FREE + Exclusive video of my Cameras Don't Take Pictures seminar filmed at the 2019 Photography Show in Birmingham UK.

First we'll get you out of auto mode fast, explain lenses, focal length and how to use them to add impact.
You'll understand light and exploit its qualities, push the boundaries of your composition skills beyond what you thought was possible and more. 

Then we'll move onto the thought process used by professional photographers which links the technical and creative aspects of photography. The old time masters took stunning images with the most basic of cameras because they knew these thought processes.

In Workflow Mastery I'll give you a simple, repeatable workflow so you don't lose images, can find things easily and ensure everything's backed up should the worst happen and your hard drive fail.

Finally we'll work on post production in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC. Retouching is not for fixing things that went wrong. 1st you get it right in camera, then you polish with your own interpretation and style whether it's loud and contrasty, or a natural look the camera rarely gets right on it's own. 

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Who's It For?

Photographers who have struggled on their own and want a coach who's been where you are right now,  has become an award winning professional, has a teaching qualification, can guide and encourage you one step at a time to mastering both your camera and your creativity with it.

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Mike teaches as if you were right there with you and his method of teaching makes it easy to learn. Follow the course, do the exercises and practice practice practice and you will be amazed how much you learn. I would recommend Mike's course to everyone.

Don Lesiak UBC Purchaser (Oct 2019)


Anyone can take snapshots (some will be good too!), but this course helps you craft the picture you want instead hoping for the one you get.

Alan Price 7BB Purchaser (May 2019)


 I now have a full understanding of the lightroom library system and am really enjoying using Lightroom. I did think I had a reasonable image filing/folder numbering system on my PC and a suitable backup process, but by using Mike's new methods, those processes have been greatly improved too.

Peter Reid 7STWFM Purchaser (August 2019)


Fabulous, informative and well presented course - thank you and well done Mike.

Desmond Boddington 7STPP Purchaser (March 2018)


Valid for 60 days from date of purchase