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Photoshop For Beginners

$67.00 USD approx

Mike PortraitYou got Photoshop and don't know where to start?
You feel lost with so many options?
Unsure what Layers are or how to use them?
Image sizes, dimensions & resolutions are a mystery?
Don't know which selection method is best?
Dodging, burning, brush sizes, flows and opacities - wwhhaaaaatttt!? 

If you said 'Yes' to any of the above, Photoshop For Beginners is for you

Let me teach you how find your way around and work on your images with the most frequently used tools.

Most photographers use Lightroom to retouch their images, but photoshop has powerful tools not available in Lr - like Layers and fine selection. Photoshop is for maximising an image to match the excitement and impact you saw when you captured it. If you want to go beyond that, it's a creative choice for you to make.

Buy Photoshop top 10 tools 49.99


Louise CroftI had no experience with Photoshop when I bought the course, I now feel confident in manipulating images to a competent standard. Mike makes everything simple and easy to digest. It's taken my photography to the next level and I recommend it 100%, worth every penny (and more!)

Louise Croft
(Retail consultant and fashion blogger)

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Who Is Photoshop Top 10 Tools For?

  • Photographers who are complete Photoshop beginners - at home or for work
  • You have some knowledge but need help to bring it all together
  • You have full Photoshop ( CS 5, 6 or CC. Not Elements which is very different)

With Photoshop for Beginners Top 10 Tools you'll learn how to manage your files with a proper workflow that's also suitable for use with Lightroom. Then we'll move onto adjusting exposure and colour to make your images POP - without making them look 'Photoshopped'!

Photoshop is a massive box of image editing tools, which is hard to find your way around at first. In Top 10 Tools I’ll show you where to find them, ways to use them and get you going tweaking, re-touching and editing.

Over 4 1/2 hours of video lessons

  1. Workflow - Manage your files and never lose an original
  2. Set up Photoshop - Learn the interface and how to display what you need
  3. Exposure tools - Lightening, darkening and contrast
  4. Colour adjustment - From correction to Black and White
  5. Dodging and Burning - Brighten or darken chosen areas only
  6. Cloning and Healing - Fix anything from bad skin to a stick growing out of someone's head
  7. Selection - Accurately choosing an area to adjust
  8. Layers - They're a piece of cake
  9. Cropping - There's more to this than meets the eye
  10. Resize, sharpen and save - Document sizes, pixel dimensions and resolution made easy

PLUS a printable quick reference guide to the keyboard shortcuts you'll need for fast easy editing.

These tools are used together to achieve what you want from your images. Step by step Photoshop for Beginners 'Top 10 Tools' builds up to show you how as we ...

Liven up an image



Retouch skin / spots



Open your eyes...



And lots more besides...


Buy Photoshop top 10 tools 49.99


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