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Good Light Pt. 2

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Photography is made of two words. Photos which is Greek for light, and Graphos which means writing. So when you take a photo you're literally writing with light and it's vital for stunning imagery.

Finding and using good light for the image you're taking is more important than just about anything. No matter how well composed the shot id, how perfectly exposed or how expensive your camera is - if the light doesn't work the photo will be dull at best.

Sometimes you have to wait for light to come to you as I did with this row of trees. I could see little patches of sunshine sweeping the hillside so I set the tripod up, composed the shot and waited for over an hour for a patch of sunshine to light them up.

You need to stay alert too because this patch of light was moving fast and only landed on the trees for a few seconds and was gone. And people think landscape photography will be easy!

The first step is to learn how to look at light - not the subject. And where to find different kinds of light that will work for different kinds of photo. You have to match photo and light together as a harmonious whole. Sometimes that means coming back another day or waiting a while as I had to.

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