Photo Training Itineraries

These will vary depending on location - but it'll be something like this...

Photography Masterclass

I'll set up a meet and greet for the evening before so everyone can get to know each other before we kick off in the morning. It'll be somewhere close to our classroom / base and I'll let you know when and where in plenty of time.

Day 1

9.00 am: Meet at the classroom which is within walking distance of our suggested list of hotels.

  • Good and bad photos
  • The building blocks of photography - composition, light and how focal length changes how an image looks
  • Questions and answers through out...

10.30 am: Creativity exercise.

12.00: Feedback and assessment on your images.

1.00 pm: Lunch (not included)

On Location..

2.00 pm: How to 'see' light (part 1).

2.30 pm: How to use your lenses / Choosing the right lens.

3.30 pm: Depth of Field - demonstration and exercise.

5.00 pm: Practise session.

6.00 pm: How to 'see' light' (part 2).

6.30 pm: Low light and sunsets.

7.30 / 8.30 pm (ish): Finish


Day 2

Is all on location doing photography. Throughout the day I’ll be showing you how to ‘see’ light that works and how to ‘find’ the image. (Times are approximate)

8.30 am: Meet at the classroom

9.00 am: On location exercise - How to find the right camera settings.

10.30 am: Practical shooting session - varies according to location

1.00 pm: Lunch (not included) and feedback

2.30 pm: Village life, street / people photography. If you have a small, compact or bridge camera this is a great time to use it.

4.00 pm: Coffee and feedback session.

5.00 pm: Practical shooting session - varies according to location

7.30 pm: Finish


Location Workshops

Smaller groups to ensure everyone has plenty of time with me. Shooting locations and times are chosen for the best lighting conditions and will vary according to time of year, geographic location etc. The format for each day is apt to change depending on circumstances but it'll be something like this...

6.00 am: Sunrise photography.

8.30 am: Breakfast break

9.30 am: Break. Use this time to review, edit your images and prepare a few for the critique session.

12.00: Lunch

1.00 pm: Critique and feedback. We'll do this every day.

3.00 pm: Photo walk. This is a less intensive session intended as a rest break but still using the time constructively indulging in our passion - photography. If you'd like to have a siesta or explore on your own that's fine.

5.00 pm: Dinner

6.00 pm Evening, sunset, low light and night photography

8.30 / 9.30 pm Finish

Other Workshops

Some workshops will/do have slightly different itineraries (like the 1 day UK South Coast Workshop) so it says on the page what we'll be up to.

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