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What will I learn on a workshop?

Or are we just visiting nice places ...

Your camera is a beautifully made, highly complex and totally amazing image capturing device.

Unfortunately it’s also an idiot because it doesn’t have the fundamental Building Block of Photography - ­ a creative brain.

What Will I Learn from a Masterclass?

Intensive photography training in the classroom (25%) and on location (75%)

  • What is a good or bad photo
  • How to 'find' the photo
  • Which lens / focal length / zoom setting to use for each shot
  • How light works
  • How to find the right camera settings
  • Exposure - how to control it and what is 'correct'
  • How you, instead of your camera, can get in control of your photography

These are essential skills a photographer has to master in order to achieve eye catching professional looking images. To achieve them you need to understand what I call the '7 Building Blocks of Photography'. Some of them have both technical and creative functions which have an impact on each other, like knocking over a row of dominoes. The trick is knowing how to combine these building blocks in the right order for the image you're taking.

Masterclasses are intensive fast track photography training consisting of explanations, demonstrations, practical 'hands on' exercises to get you out there doing it for yourselves. What you learn on a Masterclass can be used for all types of photography on any camera. What you'll learn here is pure gold which you can take away and use forever.

Check out the Itineraries page for more details.

What Will I learn from a Workshop?

3 to 7 days of demonstrations, explanations, coaching and shooting on location

  • Confidence in your ability
  • When and why a photo will or won't work
  • How to think quickly
  • How to improvise
  • Why you have to slow down - and how to think it through
  • The right light for the shot
  • Strengthening your creativity

Workshops are an opportunity to dedicate time to gain experience with me on hand to answer questions, guide and support you because knowledge is useless if you don't know how to put it into practise. To become an instinctive photographer you need experience which you can only get by doing it for yourself. Experiential Learning with support and feedback from me is what the 3 day Workshops are all about.

Please note: The workshops do not have the same level of in depth training as the Intensive Masterclass.

Check out the Itineraries page for more details.

What Will I Learn From a 1 day Beginners Workshop?

Usually all on location

  • How easily your camera will be confused and get it 'wrong'
  • What to do about that
  • Introduction to light
  • Introduction to focal lengths and zooms
  • Finding photos
  • Composition

One day workshops are a great introduction to expanding your photography with lots of hands on practise.

Teaching Methods

The truth is - you simply don't need 90% of the gadgets and options manufacturers put in cameras or the mathematical calculations of aperture vs focal length etc... YUK! Photography should be fun whether you're a hobbyist or professional.

I break everything down into small manageable chunks which I call the 7 Building Blocks of Photography. I explain, demonstrate then get you to do it for yourselves so you really find out what each does and how it affects the others. I keep it simple and stay away from overly technical, jargon filled explanations.

There are exercises for you to complete and handouts to help you remember.

I've been teaching photographers and doing consultancy since 2006. I get a real buzz out of it when I see the 'light' go on for someone when they grasp a new idea or concept. In 2012 I did a teaching qualification so I know about learning styles and can explain complex concepts in a way everyone can understand.

Cameras don't take photos - people take photos.
Cameras record light on a sensor and turn it into an image file.

Things we DO and things we DON'T

I want to be sure I've set realistic expectations so please note the section at the top of the main Masterclasses and Workshops page about this. The thing I can't go into is 'in depth' explanations about camera controls and menus on individual cameras.

Why not? Because they are all different. Even two cameras of the same brand will have different options in the menus and controls in different places. The only way I can find them for you is to look them up in your camera's hand book, which will hold up the rest of the group.

There are only a few controls you need to know about and they're covered in the free videos suggested as Homework / Preparation. Please familiarise yourself with and practise the contents of these videos in advance.

Masterclasses / Workshops DO

  • Concentrate on seeing / finding images
  • Understanding light
  • How to exploit the focal lengths of your lenses creatively
  • Explain how to choose camera settings to achieve an image
  • Strengthen the most powerful tool in photography - YOU

Masterclasses / Workshops DO NOT

  • Explain what each individual knob and button does
  • Delve into camera menus (each camera is different)
  • Preach about which camera / lens / kit is 'best'
  • Tell you where to buy kit
  • Promote gadgets and tech

Check out the Itineraries page for more details of what we'll be doing. If a workshop is different it'll have it's own itinerary on its page.

I look forward to meeting you soon...




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