FAQ about setting up a workshop / Masterclass

What are the workshops about?
I’m big on teaching you new skills which you can take away with you and use over and over again ­ not just visiting pretty places. We’ll do a lot of work on composition and creativity, pre-visualising, finding the right light for the image you want and how to bring it all together in camera. Once we’ve covered these things we’ll put it into practice out taking photos and I’ll encourage, coach and set you challenges along the way. Check out the 'What Will We Do?' page for more.

How long is a workshop?
A masterclass is two days. One day classroom based with an evening shoot, followed by a full day out shooting.

A workshop is usually five or more days all on location shooting and training.

Beginners workshops are one day. If your location is within an hour / hour and a half drive from of Southampton it's doable.  We could combine a beginners 1 day workshop with a Masterclass or Workshop.

How much will it cost?
It depends on where we are because costs vary between areas and countries. Part of your job will be to find out some of the costs involved. As the person helping set it up then you come for free because it wouldn’t happen without you. When you get back to me with the information I’ll do a spreadsheet.

How will people book?
UK based workshops can be paid and booked on my website with a buy now button. If you have your own website or blog I can give you a bit of code to copy and paste into it which will put the same button on your site. Payment can be made with a card or Paypal.

Overseas workshops might be booked through a contact form and invoice. It depends on the location.

How far in advance should this be set up?
We should be promoting at least ten months in advance so there's enough lead time for people to find out about it and plan travel, accommodation etc.

If you're up for it - please contact me before you do anything else.

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