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Lightroom Workflow Mastery course is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!

 20th Dec 2016

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7 Steps to Workflow Mastery has ...: made a huge difference to my workflow
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ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!  From the first couple of minutes it was clear that the only way forward was to follow your workflow.  That was how clear and concise your approach was. 

Moving catalogs and dealing with libraries, locating and consolidating images and other points you so delicately hammered home are the mainstay of successful workflow. 

Week 2 was a stumbling block; I had to conquer my fear of pressing certain buttons and watch my catalog/library/images disappear.  I looked you straight in the eye and hit the key!!  WOW, it worked! 

My confidence grew, initially at a snail's pace, and with the extended exercises I realise that your system works.  Things I toyed with before, now made sense and I have a sound basic structure to progress.

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10/10.  Just like the rest of photography, a thoroughly basic technique following simple rules produces the best of results in Lightroom.  Your Lightroom course was obviously designed with those parameters in mind - as indeed are your other videos.  I believe it stems from a love of the subject.

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I certainly recommend it

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I thoroughly recommend it, Mike.  Magnanimous approbation!!  I look forward to 10000 hours of practice, not to become an expert but an experienced learner.  7 Steps to Workflow Mastery has been a fantastic challenge and I am now happy to press the keys with a smile.

Thank you, Mike.

Bruce Livall

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