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7 Steps to Workflow Mastery gave me insight to useful tools I wasn't taking advantage of

 6th Jun 2016

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7 Steps to Workflow Mastery has ...: helped me manage Lightroom properly
(Choose closest: Made a huge difference to my workflow overall - Made me more efficient - Helped me manage Lightroom properly - Made no difference - Confused me - I hate it)

How has it done that?: (Please complete)

Gave me insight to useful tools that I was not taking advantage of.  I'm not a pro photographer, so I don't have all the files or hard drives that Mike has, but seeing what he has to do to manage his workflow allowed me to see usefulness of different tools.

The course is worth...? (Please complete)

What I paid ($135).  I'm a better pc user than photographer, so the file structures and tools you mentioned were helpful, but easy for me to understand. Mike's instruction was enjoyable.  Personally, I may not have gotten $135 worth of value out of this, but I can see where others with little pc experience could have greatly benefited.

Would you recommend it?:  (Please choose: I certainly recommend it - I might recommend it - I do not recommend it)

I certainly recommend it

Anything else?:

Anything else you'd like to say?: A few things I would recommend.  Now that cloud computing has grown, are all the backups you mentioned necessary?  I keep one catalog on my drive that is synced to a cloud service.  May want to update to include this change.  Also, we went through the process of creating multiple file structures (Final, Proof, RAW, Social, Workroom), but you only address the RAW folder.  How do you incorporate the others into your workflow?

David Balan

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