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DIY Flash Diffuser 1

UBC 2017


A DIY pop up flash diffuser is a cheap simple and easy way to improve the quality of light from your camera's pop up flash. But what do I mean by 'quality'?

I know they're small but you can clearly see a difference in the lighting in these two photos. In the top image there are hard black shadows around James' chin and on the wall behind the arm of the chair, and a slightly burnt out highlight along his side. The bottom one doesn't have shadows or burn outs at all.

This is what I mean by 'quality' of light. Both were shot with the camera's pop up flash, but I used a diy pop up flash diffuser for the bottom image. Look closely and you'll see the nasty black shadow line round James' jaw is soft and the light on hi body more even.

DIY pop up flash diffusers can be made from all sorts of bits and pieces - in this video I'll show you four ways to diffuse your pop up flash.

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commasopencommascloseI had been taking photographs for a while before purchasing this Beginners course  but never found things totally clear in my mind. Since starting the UBC and watching numerous videos of yours on You Tube, things are now beginning to become clearer and have given me more confidence to push on..

- Bob Kennedy  -