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Terry Hammond

 8th Aug 2017

Beautiful landscape photos used to be all I could visualise and I really wanted to be able to shoot them myself. Like a proper 'noob', I bought a brand new DSLR and didn’t have a clue how to use it... So it sat unused on a shelf for a good couple of years.


Following a bad break up with my then girlfriend I finally decided it was time to learn how to use the camera properly. The fact that I’d been called a ‘dreamer’ and laughed at by said ex spurred me towards my goal.  I started an online course (not Mike Browne) and quickly realised I was learning very little. To counter this I turned to YouTube to try and self-teach. A few of the videos were very confusing and seemed to assume you knew a decent amount of photography - this was also a little off putting. 


Then I stumbled across Mike Brown's Channel and instantly felt at ease. The basics being taught were  understandable and his warm personality put me at ease. At first, learning manual mode shooting took a little time to grasp nevertheless Mike's videos made my overall learning very fast and easy. 




Fast forward a few years and I've had BBC use photos; shot festivals and started my own photography magazine! For me personally, my biggest achievement is my ability to shoot anything and have the confidence to do so. None of this would be possible without Mike Browne' s videos and for these, I'm so thankful.