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Photography Locked Down

Stay safe and sane with free tutorials, competitions, live Youtube events and prizes

This free twelve week programme of teaching, exercises and competitions will help you appreciate your home environment in a way you would never have believed possible, finding beauty in every angle and shadow.

No one wants Lockdown, but it’s a great opportunity to practise new ways of seeing and photo techniques, whilst keeping yourself and others safe, growing your skills and having the opportunity to win free access to my online courses.

There's a free video tutorial posted every Sunday at 21.00 pm (UK Time) that sets a challenge for the weekly Photography Locked Down competition on Facebook.

Winners and runners will be announced 'Live' on Youtube the following Sunday at 19.00pm (UK time) by myself and some superstar guests - whom I promise you won't want to miss. The next free tutorial and photo challenge is announced immediately afterwards.  

Join In - Take Part

  1. Enter your details in the form below (We'll notify you of each weekly challenge tutorial and live judging)
  2. Upload one (1) image to the Photography Locked Down Facebook group and add the weekly competition #hashtag in the description
  3. Entries must be received by 23.59pm [UK time] on Thursday of each week

Images must be taken in your home or garden.


This Week's Challenge

Competition Tag: #pldtime

(Images without competition tags will not be entered)

NO archived images please. It defeats the object of the competition 

Competition Tag: #pldtime

(Images without competition tags will not be entered)


Live Judging

To join Live judging and feedback sessions on Youtube, simply visit My Youtube Channel at 19.00pm [UK Time] Sunday evenings. You can see recordings of them on my channel or below.

Enter your email at the top of THIS page and I'll send you a reminder, or subscribe to my channel and click the bell icon and Youtube will email you when the Live begins

Competition Rules:

  1. Image must be taken in your home or garden
  2. ONE entry per person - Include the weekly #hashtag in the text field
  3. Entries MUST be posted to the Photography Locked Down group by 23:59pm [UK Time] on Thursday of each week
  4. No archive images. Entries must be taken specifically for each weekly competition 


winners runners up

Live Judging & Feedback Videos

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I look forward to seeing you soon...

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