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Monthly challenges for a full photography workout session

Mike Browne Xposure photography Festival Wall Of FameUnlock your creativity. Cameras are wonderful pieces of tech, but they're not creative.

You and your creative thinking are the most important things in all photography, but you are often overlooked in favour of the latest upgrade or gadget. There's about 5 camera controls you need, everything else is you.

I'm an internationally recognised photographer and trainer with over 25 years experience. If you really want to dig deeper - Google me. Mike Browne and don't forget the 'E'

I do know my stuff - and I'm here to be your creativity coach.       Trustpilot Reviews

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What do I get?

Monthly challenges that will get you thinking outside the box. They're a 'gym workout' for your creativity, seeing more beauty in the world around you and capturing it perfectly - with any camera and at any level. Live feedback / critique sessions will help and guide you to understand and be more confident with your camera and your creativity.

The most friendly, supportive and actively creative Facebook photography group, of all levels from complete beginner upwards.  

Does it cost anything?

It's free to join in. All I ask is that if you find it valuable, please support us by making a small monthly donation to help cover admin costs. You can easily cancel if you choose to move on...




How do I join in?

  1. Make sure you don't miss new challenges and deadlines. Enter your details in the form below and I'll send you a reminder about each challenge and live feedback event
  2. Upload one (1) image to the relevant challenge album in the Facebook group and include the challenge # in the description
  3. A small voluntary donation (£3 a month) supports running costs is greatly appreciated by everyone

Current Challenge Theme: 'Layers'

Entries must be shot for challenge - archive images are not allowed.

  • Please add Hashtag #layers and a caption in the description of your image
  • Closes: 29.05.22 @ 11:59pm [UK Time]
  • Live Feedback: 02.06.22 @ 7:00pm [UK Time]

Live feedback sessions are on the YouTube channel.

The Brief:

Create an image with at least 3 layers of composition.

This is a compositional challenge because you have to create an image composed of at least 3 layers, foreground, middle and background. Your image can have more than three layers if you wish. The beach sunset for example...

  1. Sky
  2. Top wave
  3. Middle wave
  4. Bottom wave
  5. Beach

You might recognise the field of yellow crops from a recent Photo-Biker video. It has four (4) layers.

  1. The yellow crop
  2. 1st line of trees
  3. 2nd line of trees
  4. Sky

Layers can be horizontal or vertical as in the black and white street image below.

  1. Skyline
  2. Top layer of the bridge
  3. Bottom level with woman walking left to right.

You can photograph any genre. Street, landscape, portrait, wildlife, mechanical, macro etc so long as it has recognisable layers in the composition.


    1094 644PV337 Biker Workshop Route-181411 CDTP London PW-11395 Lanzarote 2019-410-HDR

    ⬆️   Examples & Ideas   ⬆️

     Images will be judged on the following criteria... 

    • adhering to the theme
    • creative thinking
    • use of light
    • composition
    • technical (exposure, image sharpness)

    lightbulb Top Tip: 

    This kind of shot often works well with mid range and longer focal lengths because they tend to stack things up one behind the other. Whenever you're going somewhere, look around you and be present to your surroundings. You might suddenly notice how buildings in your city make layers when viewed from a certain angle or location. Shoot it and see how it looks. If the light isn't great, do what the professionals do and come back another time. Remember, light makes or breaks an image. 

    Mountains, trees, buildings and people can all work. Think about sports fans sitting in the stands. Could you find a way to make those layers pop?

    Challenge intention:

    Challenges are not about winning or getting a shout out. The intention is for you to give your creativity a workout and make your head hurt a bit, like muscles after a good session in the gym. It;s about practising and growing your skills because cameras don’t take interesting, engaging pictures which make a viewer stop and look - You do.

    Photography is a skill and like any skill you want to master you have to get out there and do it - a lot. How much time does a musician, sports person or chef spend trying new things, practising, getting it wrong and trying again? Photography is no different. 

    First you learn how to play your instrument (your camera), then how to make beautiful music with it (your images). If you’re struggling with any aspect of your camera skills, basic use of light and composition I can help you with my Masterclass in Photography. And if at the end of it you think I haven’t done that, I'll give you your money back. Fair enough?

    Pic Of The Month and feedback - live on YouTube

    Sessions will be posted to the group a couple of days in advance so you can set a reminder...






    How It Works

    Competition Rules

    1. ONE entry per person - Include the weekly #hashtag in the text field
    2. Give your image a caption which includes the challenge title
    3. Entries MUST be posted to designated album in the Facebook group by 23:59pm [UK Time] on the closing date of each challenge
    4. No archive images. Entries must be taken specifically for each challenge

    Live Judging

    Judging and feedback sessions are Live on YouTube. Dates, times and challenge themes are published on this page and in the monthly Photo Challenge email. 

    Enter your details in the form at the top of THIS page and I'll send you a reminder and other good stuff so you don't miss anything.


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