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Monthly Photography Challenges and Live Feedback

Photo creative challenges are projects for you to practise your photography, creative skills and gain experience. The Photo Creative Facebook group has a lively, supportive community of over 4,000 photographers of all skill levels. 

Current Challenge: Profession1444 Jen Williams-8

Capture a profession in an image is the brief. This could be a still life of tools used by the profession, a documentary / street image of someone carrying out their profession or a portrait of a professional.    

Your image must clearly show what the profession is and it could be anything from road sweeper to brain surgeon. Your challenge is to capture the profession or professional in the best image you can.

Light and composition as well as camera skills must come together. Fpr example, I positioned chef Jen Williams so the small highlight would be on her eyes and make them sparkle. A professional person is usually passionate about what they do and effective use of light will help you show it.

Whether you're a beginner or have many years of experience, I want you to work at this and gain experience as a photographer. We don't grow by watching. We grow by doing.

Briefs are open to your interpretation so they give your creativity a workout. If your head hurts thinking about it - that means it's working and you are already becoming a better photographer. Wherever you are on your photography journey, give it your best try.

No Archive Images - Shoot For The Challenge

Please Do Not enter images from your archive. Shoot for the challenge. We learn and grow by doing - not sitting back and being lazy.  Archive images will be disqualified.


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It's not expected - but your support is appreciated

We all like to be paid for our work and expertise and there are costs involved with running these challenges. If you have gotten value from them, please consider a small donation to help. A monthly donation equivalent to the cost of  1 take away coffee is very much appreciated. 

You can cancel at any time using this link or the button below.

Entry Rules

  1. ONE entry per person - Include the weekly #hashtag in the text field
  2. Give your image a caption which includes the challenge title
  3. Entries MUST be posted to designated album in the Facebook group by 23:59pm [UK Time] on the closing date of each challenge
  4. No archive images. Entries must be taken specifically for each challenge

Live Judging

Judging and feedback sessions are Live on YouTube. Dates, times and challenge themes are published on this page and in the Facebook group. 

My chosen 'Pic Of The Month' becomes the group banner image until the next challenge.

Good luck, get stuck in and I look forward to seeing your images...

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