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It takes practice and thought, that's what the 7BB emphasizes

 23rd Feb 2020

From our feedback form

7 Building Blocks of Photography 27 Building Blocks of Photography has ...

Massively improved my photography overall.

What are the differences before 7 Blocks & after?

Before the course I:

  • Composed according to what I thought I saw in the viewfinder..... always disappointed with the result.

    Now I plan the composition, I at least have an idea of what I want, and now have ideas as to how!
  • Had a sloppy and random use of depth of fields and sharpness.

    Now I have more discipline and incorporate both into my composition plan.
  • Set exposure according to the viewfinder image.

    Now I use the histogramm, AND don't trust the viewfinder.
  • Thought I could take photos in any light ... the camera settings will auto-adjust, I thought.

    Now I know that's stupid! Now I have more patience! I wait and I think.

What is the course worth to you?

Yes , definitely. I was and am still puzzled and  intrigued by the price £117.77 - whatever,  it is value for money!

Would you recommend The 7 Blocks?

Oh yes I would recommend the course. Because it set me up to "think like a photographer" I haven't mastered it but I am already lots better.

It takes practice and thought, that's what the course emphasizes.

Tell us about your achievements (Published / sold / 100s of likes etc.):

I have no achievements other than I can say that I am on the way to taking good photos  and and on rare occasions a great one. Before it was on those rare occasions I took a good photo.

Stephen Hart