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Great locations, hands on photo training, coaching, exercises and feedback. Imagine the new friends you'll make along the way, the stories to tell the folks back home and the awesome images you'll have to back them up.

All levels are welcome on my workshops 


CDTP London 2023


Cameras Don't Take Pictures

  • Image Mastery and Inspiration 
  • How To Think Like A Photographer
  • The Real Difference Between ‘Good’ & ‘Bad’
  • Hands on Exercises and Afternoon Photo Walk
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Workshops DO

  • Concentrate on seeing / finding images
  • Work on understanding light
  • Exploit focal lengths creatively
  • Explain how to find settings to achieve Your image
  • Go in depth with the photographers thought process

Workshops DO NOT

  • Explain what each knob and button does
  • Delve into camera menus (each camera is different)
  • Preach about which camera / lens / kit is 'best'
  • Promote gadgets and tech
  • Do settings for you (You'll learn how to find your own)


So everyone knows the basics of camera controls before we begin - I've set a bit of Homework / Preparation for you.