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I'm glad I took this Beginners Photography Course

 9th Sep 2018

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Masterclass in Photography has...

Put me in control of my photography.

What are the differences before Masterclass in Photography & after?

I've been taking photos with reasonably good cameras for ages but decided to take the Masterclass in Photography and have been very glad I did.  My photography was intuitive and there were many things I didn't fully understand but got by.  I am very glad I chose this course as it's put me onto the right track to full control.

Is the course value for money?

Absolutely. I think the comment above says it all.

Would you recommend The Masterclass in Photography?

Yes I would, even to those who have been taking photos for a long time.

Anything else you'd like to say?: 

Keep it up and thanks for the videos you w=send by email of so many various subjects.

Steve Ashton


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