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The Iceland Workshop was an extraordinary experience

 5th Apr 2018

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1334 Iceland 2016-27What are the differences before and after you attended the Iceland Workshop?

I like photo shooting more than ever.

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I did extensive research and picked Thor's tour simply because of the stunning photos and pragmatic itinerary found on his website.

Despite some hiccups and rearrangement made during the tour, Thor did an amazing job on ensuring everything was under control, except the unpredictable weather condition in iceland which can change every hour. He has excellent local knowledge which he applied tactfully on picking shooting locations, routing, restaurant and hotel. You can't imagine the restaurant in middle of nowhere would be packed with no seats 10 minutes after we arrived. And he knows exactly when the shooting locations would be crowded with tourists that we wanted to avoid.

Mike is amazing too! With his easy going and caring character, he shared with us his professional knowledge and was always patient and kind when responding to our endless questions.

Both Thor and Mike never hesitated to offer assistance. They were so observative that sometimes even before you knew you would need their help.

All in all, I highly recommend joining Thor and Mike on the Iceland workshop if you want to have a hassle free vacation and take home with some great pictures and extraordinary memories.

Would you recommend the Iceland Workshop?

Definitely! It's an extraordinary experience!

Anything else you'd like to say?

Mike and Thor, thanks for everything you two did to ensure we could take home with some great pictures and memories.

Jac Wong

Jac Wong