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The Art Of Exposure - Let's Get Off Auto

Exposure controls are creative too

mike browne photography trainerYou don't need to shoot manual all the time, but when you know how and why these settings dance together, you'll have perfect exposures every time and open a new world of creative possibility. There are only three of them and if you can book a webinar, you can master three controls.

Maybe you know the theory behind blurring or freezing movement, or controlling depth of field. But I bet there are times when it won't work - even in manual mode.

How often have you had great ideas and been disappointed by the result? The great Ansel Adams said...

You don’t take a photo - you make it

But what does that mean - and how do you do it? Well, do you want dark and moody, or bright and happy? Maybe a blurry background or 'candy-floss' waterfall? Shooting manual is the key and in this webinar you'll see it's easy.

And the great news is, when you are confident in manual, you can safely use auto again, secure in the knowledge that when the camera gets it wrong (and it will) you'll know what to do.

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A Photography Training Superstar

Mike Browne is one of the friendliest and most entertaining presenters on any subject, but he's a superstar in the field of photography. Nobody does it like Mike.


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Your camera maybe an idi*t but Mike Browne Certainly isn’t

Mike puts everything in layman’s terms, there is no baffling jargon and he gets right too it. If he were a meerkat it would be “Simples”.


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