7 steps to workflow mastery helped me manage Lightroom properly

 31st May 2016

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7 Steps to Workflow Mastery has ...: helped me manage Lightroom properly
(Choose closest: Made a huge difference to my workflow overall - Made me more efficient - Helped me manage Lightroom properly - Made no difference - Confused me)

How has it done that?:

I now understand the depth of the programme and what it can do for my own photography

The course is worth...? (Please complete)

It's certainly worth the money I invested in it and I shall seriously think about moving on to the next stage (picture development in Lightroom) when it becomes available

Would you recommend it?:  I certainly recommend it
(Please choose: I certainly recommend it - I do not recommend it)

Anything else?:

It's a fairly steep learning curve for over 75's but if you keep re-running the videos then eventually it sticks!

John Penney