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1: Beginner to Intermediate

$94.00 USD approx

Confused and frustrated by your camera?

Mike BrowneDo you shoot loads - hoping for a 'good one'?
The scene looked great, but your photo doesn't?
Do you buy more kit, but it makes no difference?
Do you get a lot of out of focus photos?
Don't get many 'keepers'?
Do you want 100s of 'likes' on your photos?

Said YES to any of these? My beginners photography course is for you...

  • Stop 'hoping' - start controlling
  • The missing ingredient - and how to get it
  • Save money for great locations instead of useless gadgets
  • Pin sharp perfectly exposed photos
  • More 'keepers'
  • Hundreds of 'Likes' and nice comments

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Mike makes the complexities of photography easy to understand with his enthusiastic and fun style of teaching - I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Chris Packham
(BBC TV wildlife photographer & presenter)



pete bargh-1Superbly presented techniques to help you grasp the basics of photography without feeling patronised. You can't fail to learn with this.

Peter Bargh
(Ephotozine founder & photographer)

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What do I get?

  • 16 videos (3 hours), worksheets and exercises to help you practise
  • 5 weeks - so you're not overwhelmed with stuff you don't need yet
  • Complete online - or download and keep it with you
  • Simple non techie approach
  • 100% refund guarantee

What's covered?

Week 1: Your camera explained, what it does, & how to ensure perfect exposures every time. Terminology explained, difference between good and bad photos, what kit you need and what you don't.

Week 2: Blurring, freezing and capturing movement. Using Aperture and shutter for creative purposes and the control that makes it possible.

Week 3: Shooting modes explained and how to get different looks by changing your zoom. How to get pin sharp photos, controlling auto focus and exposure in auto modes.

Week 4: Getting creative with composition, why light is so important and how to use it.

Week 5: Getting the colours right. White balance, monitor calibration and an introduction to the benefits of shooting RAW files.

Week 6: Bonus photo ideas for you to try yourself to keep you inspired and practising. Each has instructions to guide you.

Plus: Weekly encouragement and coaching to help you stay on track and achieve the results you want.


The photos I now take are 100 times better than before. Mike is a brilliant teacher who explains the techniques of photography in a very clear, easy to understand and fun way.

Gary Trudgett


Your beginner’s photography course is making all the technical stuff a lot clearer - as well as that you are very funny :)

Emma Molyneux


I bought your beginners Photography course last night. Love the way it is written, as though you are talking.  Crawled to bed at 2 am!!

David Gosling


Far exceeded my expectations. A superb job of presenting the fundamentals of exposure, lighting, composition, etc. in a clear, concise and entertaining manner.

Steve B

Why buy a course when there's loads of free stuff out there?

As a beginner you need an experienced guide to help you learn photography in the correct order. I can do that. You could go it alone, but that could take ages.

There's loads of great free stuff out there, but there's also a lot of rubbish. As a beginner, how will you know the difference? How will you know which order to learn controls, settings and techniques in for them to work? You could waste weeks of your life on these two alone. Maybe you already have.

You can't learn photography by memorising settings, tricks or buying more expensive gadgets. It's about learning what a few camera controls do and how to combine them in different ways for whatever shot you want to take. Do you want a blurry background or a sharp one? Do you want a sense of movement in a photo, or to freeze it? Do you know which controls and how to combine them to achieve either of these examples?

Learning photography also involves things that are not camera controls. Are there light quality, composition or right moment settings on a camera?

I have guided 1000s of photographers like you to better photos which they're proud of. And if I don't do that for you I'll give you your money back, so you have nothing to lose.



Buy UBC 69.99

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