Online Photography Course

Become a confident and competent photographer in just 4 weeks (or your money back).

Photography is not as complicated as some make it out to be. The multitude of features in your camera make it needlessly complex. Most of it is put there by marketing people to convince you to buy an upgrade you don't actually need.

The good news is - there are only 5 controls to master + light and composition.

Photography's a bit of knowledge and a lot of practise - which is great because you love taking photos, right? Allow me to teach you that knowledge, in the correct sequence so it makes sense. Let me show you how to 'see' photos, make engaging compositions and exploit light so your photos truly pop.

I'll give you exercises too so you get hands on experience which is what makes photography effortless and easy.

What You Get

'A Masterclass In Photography' is a series of video tutorials, downloadable support notes and exercises. Exercises are a combination of videos and step-by-step instructions. Some lessons have accompanying images taken during a tutorial for you to download and compare on your own screen. 

Week 1: Cameras, Kit and The Art Of Exposure

  • Cameras & Kit (8 video lessons)
  • Art Of Exposure (8)
  • Support Notes & Exercises 1 - PDF
  • Searchable Contents Map - PDF (Premium & Ultimate)

Week 2: Superpowers and Creative Exposure 

  • Creative Exposure Controls (7) 
  • Exposure Masterclass (8) 
  • Semi Auto Modes (12) 
  • Support Notes & Exercises 2 - PDF

Week 3: Pin Sharp Pictures, Colour & Focal Length Magic

  • Pin Sharp Pictures (8) 
  • Colours (4) 
  • Focal Length Masterclass (12)
  • Support Notes & Exercises 3 - PDF

Week 4: Composition & Light

  • Composition (14) 
  • Light (18)
  • Support Notes & Exercises 4 - PDF
  • Bonus Live Shoot Videos (up to 15 depending on package)

How It's Delivered

On completing checkout, we'll email you a receipt and a few minutes later your log in details to our online training centre. You can change these from inside your account.

Weekly tutorials, notes and exercises are added in your account every seven (7) days to completion.  You can pause or speed up your course should you wish. 


Masterclass In Photography is available in Standard, Premium and Ultimate formats. 

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