Online Post Production Course

7 Steps To Perfect Pictures [Lightroom Classic CC]

A 7 week online course with video lessons weekly exercises. My RAW files are included so you can work alongside me and get practical experience that will take your raw file developing to the next level. I'm using Lightroom Classic CC, but the concept is the same whatever software you use. You don't take a photograph - you make it. From getting it perfect in camera to the final polish in Lightroom where you make it your own, convey your personality, excitement and style to your viewer

Do You Find Yourself...

  • Pushing sliders around hoping for a good one?
  • Unsure how to plan a vision & create it?
  • Unsure what tools do or which is 'right'?
  • Getting annoying 'halos' on detail work?
  • With images that end up looking overdone or 'photoshopped'?
  • Wondering how you 'should' do it?

If you said YES to any of these, this course is for you


  • Stop hoping - be confident
  • Plan your work & work your plan
  • Know when to stop
  • Take your viewers on a journey with you
  • Watch your images come to life

What's in your online photography course?

A Masterclass In Photography' is a series of 100 video tutorials (8 hours), downloadable support notes and exercises. Exercises are a combination of videos and step-by-step written instructions. Some lessons have accompanying images taken during a tutorial for you to download and compare on your own screen. 

(W1-01 = Week 1 - Lesson 1...)
W1-01 This Week - Back To Basics

  • W1-02 Saving
W1-03 Raw V JPEG
W1-04 The Interface

  • W1-05 Histograms and 'Basic' Panel

  • W1-06 Clarity
W1-07 Tone Curve

  • W1-08 Basic Tonal Range Polish
W1-09 Import to Folder

  • W1-10 Snapshots and Virtual Copies

W2-01 This Week - Blaze of Colour

W2-02 White Balance
W2-03 Saturation and Vibrance
W2-04 HSL
W2-05 Split Toning
W2-06 Black and White
W2-07 Colour Polish

W3-01 This Week - Little Details

  • W3-02 Crop Tool
W3-03 Spot Removal Cloning
W3-04 Red Eye Tool
W3-05 Grad Filter
W3-06 Radial Filter
W3-07 Brushes
W3-08 Selective Polish
W3-09 Planning and Execution

W4-01 This Week - Techy Stuff

  • W4-02 Detail Sharpening
W4-03 Lens Corrections
W4-04 Transform Panel
W4-05 Effects Panel

  • W4-06 Calibration Panel

  • W4-07 High Tech Polish

W5-01 This Week - Let’s Get Speedy

  • W5-02 Copy Settings
W5-03 Presets
W5-04 Presets & Local Adjustments
W5-05 Faster Creative Workflow

W6-01 This Week - The Final Frontier

  • W6-02 Panoramas
W6-03 HDR

  • W6-04 HDR Look

  • W6-05 Spot Colour
W6-06 Video Adjustments

  • W6-07 Exporting

  • W6-08 Watermarking
W6-09 HDR Polish

W7-01 This Week is About YOU

W7-02 Creative Workflow

  • W7-03 Where to Start
W7-04 Find Your Interpretation
W7-05 Loving The Light
W7-06 How Far is Too Far

How is your photography course delivered?

On completing checkout, we'll email you a receipt and a few minutes later your log in details to our online training centre. You can change these from inside your account.

Weekly tutorials, notes and exercises are added in your account every seven (7) days to completion.  You can pause or speed up your course should you wish. 


Who's It For?

Beginner and intermediate photographers who not only want to learn Lightroom's tools and how to use them, but also want direction, how to plan and execute a goal for their images that conveys feelings, personality and meaning to their viewers.

Which Version of Lightroom?

7STPP is for subscription Lr Classic CC (previously just called Lr CC) and stand alone versions Lr6 / Lr2015 / Lr5.

It's relevant to earlier versions back to Lr4, though a few tools featured in the course may be missing from older versions.

If your Lightroom looks like this, you're good to go.

lightroom classic CC


I do NOT recommend 7STPP for the new 100% cloud based 'Lite' version now called Lightroom CC which looks like this...

7stpp new lightroom cc


It has a different interface and fewer tools. Adobe have said Lightroom Classic will continue alongside the new version which is geared more towards mobile devices as well as desk / laptops.