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Cameras Don't Take Pictures has given me new insights

 27th Aug 2019

Cameras Don't Take Pictures event as...

CDTP has...

Given me new insights.

How would you describe CDTP?

I have watched countless videos posted on YouTube by Mike Browne and each and every one of them I have found to be educational, inspirational and entertaining. I met the man himself - on Saturday (August 24, 2019) in Doncaster at his seminar Cameras Don't Take Pictures - and the day was all three of these things. The bonus was that Mike is every bit as charming and witty in person as he is on camera.

It is clear that he wants others to share his immense love of photography as well as his knowledge of the art. His enthusiasm is infectious, his teaching method engaging, and I am sure I was not alone in taking so much away from the day that I believe will not only make me a better photographer, but also ensure I enjoy every step of the process.

Thanks, Mike. Hope to meet up with you again soon, either at another day's seminar or one one of your trips.

CDTP is worth?

The cost of £75 transpired to be a bargain. At roughly a tenner an hour to be in Mike's company - and get one-to-one advice during the afternoon photo walk - was a steal.

Would you recommend CDTP?

Absolutely, and that would be for any category of photographer, from beginner to professional.

Anything else you'd like to say?

A light bulb moment was hearing Mike's advice that we should pre-visualise the photo we want the camera to take, not just let the camera take the photo we see as soon as we've put the viewfinder to the eye (yes, I'm old-fashioned. I only use the articulated LCD for pre-shot viewing when it is essential).

Chris Stratford



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