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Mike Browne

Helping people see more beauty in the world every day by thinking like a photographer. 

By sharing their stories and images, they in turn help others do likewise and put a bit of good back into the world. 

Mike Browne Xposure AwardI worked as a tractor, digger and truck driver in my teens and 20s, was a keen hobby photographer - and wasn't very good at it! 

Operating big 'gribbly' machines was fun, but didn't fill my soul with joy and fulfilment. I didn't know what to do with my life; only that this wasn't it. So step 1 was to stop doing it.

In 1989 I quit, sold everything and went travelling. A year later a life changing conversation in Africa lead me to return to the UK, re-train and become a photographer. I haven't looked back.

My first invoice was in December 1993 to photograph some block paving for one of my ex-employers. I've since photographed commercial properties, hotels, food, products, PR, travel - and hundreds of weddings which are awesomely wonderful things to photograph. It's a rare privilege to be trusted with a milestone event in someone's life.  

Mike Browne Cambodia WorkshopI speak, train, consult and shoot for individuals and world class organisations such as Jet Aviation, and am super proud to train at the inspirational Xposure International Photography Festival in Sharjah UAE. 

I run socially responsible photo workshops worldwide. It's ironic that the poorest people and places often make for the most engaging images. It's important to put something back for them too.

I'm the luckiest man in the world to do what I do, live in the New Forest on the South Coast of the UK, ride motorcycles everywhere rain or shine and (apparently) am a bit eccentric!

Best wishes...

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commasopencommascloseMike is unabashedly charming and genuine, exuding a sort of warmth that has earned him the nickname “UK’s Friendliest Photo Expert,” and many a photographer’s respect. No matter the topic, no matter how complex or simple, exciting or mundane, Mike brings it to life.
DL Cade: Editor In Chief 500px 

commasopenJet Aviation Basel Completions has worked with Mike Browne on several occasions. Every time
we havecommasclose found him to be creative, professional and flexible and the results have always
captured exactly what we were looking for and more.
Marc Galin: Director Marketing JBSL Completions

  • Trainer at Xposure International Photography Festival, Sharjah, UAE
  • Awards... Xposure Exhibition Award - Fuji Commercial - X2 Fuji Wedding - Kodak Gold, x14 MPA Awards
  • Exhibitions at Master Photographers Association, Royal Photographic Society, Romanian Embassy (London), Xposure Int. Photography Festival (Sharjah, UAE)
  • Photography writer Ephotozine, DSLR User magazine Professional Photographer Magazine, Photography Monthly Magazine, Professional Photographer Magazine, Photo 360...