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Emmalene Churcher

EmmaleneYou may think that everyone who works for Picture This is creative, however I'm the exception to the rule!

Mike's pictures and stories speak for themselves but every good business need someone to get into the nitty gritty of book keeping, general office house keeping, keeping strategies on track and generally helping to move the business towards achieving it's long term goals - whilst having fun along the way. Well no-one said work had to be boring did they?

I'm an old Grammar girl qualifed in marketing, have been a chalet host in the Alpes; a snowboarding instructor; worked in the exhibition industry; print industry and the oil and gas industry. Since having children I've been working as a freelance PA for 'creative types' and it's a great work/life balance. I have a husband and two young boys at school and we're very lucky to live on the south coast of England.