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A big thank you for 7 Blocks of Photography

 5th Sep 2016

From our feedback form

7 Building Blocks of Photography has ...: made me think things through
(Choose closest: massively improved my photography overall - improved my photography - made me more confident - Made me think things through - made no difference - Confused me)

What are the differences before 7 Blocks & after?: (please complete)

Paying attention and reading more things in terms of light - where it's coming from, what kind of light is it, is the light I want for the image I'm wanting to take.  Asking those powerful questions!  Especially when I'm struggling to get the image I'm after. 

Paying attention to the contents of the composition, all around the frame - and are those jolly horizons/bridges etc straight.  Working with the creative tools of the camera and just seeing what might happen, and then deciding what I like and don't, and knowing why!

The 7 blocks is worth...? (please complete)

In terms of what I've learnt - a forever value!  Worth every cent.

Would you recommend The 7 building Blocks of Photography?: 

Absolutely.  Have already been spruiking it to other photographer friends on Facebook.

Anything else?:

A big thank you - especially because of your laid back easy to follow style in teaching.  The encouragement to give it a go, and learn, and to keep practicing.  I thought I was alright as a hobby type photographer, but now I'm even better. 

And also because of the things you don't care about in terms of the technical stuff around cameras.  But knowing how they play a part in the creating of an image, then it is worth finding out about. 

And thank you for just being willing to share the learning journey with lots of others, so that we can improve - I've met some pretty arrogant and "I'm the only one who's good at this" type of photographers. . . . .


Denise Savage