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The tool I find most useful in Lightroom is the Smart Collection

 30th Nov 2018

From our feedback form3D-Box-Lightroom-Workflow

7 Steps to Workflow Mastery has:

I have used Lightroom since version 1 and I have developed a workflow over the years which sort of worked. The problem was I had a lot of duplicate images and stuff I had just thrown on there thinking I would deal with it later.

I had a flat keyword structure of questionable value which is now more efficient.

I can find information about all the individual  subjects covered in this course by using Google but the drawback is that everyone has their own ideas so everything is disjointed.

The great thing about Mike's course is that it takes a unified approach through all the key steps you need to implement your workflow.

I now have a much better workflow system than I did thanks to a more ruthless first edit and the use of Lightroom tools of which I was only vaguely aware.

What value you place on it and why?

Definitely worth the money for being shown a clearly explained unified system that I can adapt.

The tool I find most useful now is the Smart Collection. I had no idea how it worked but using that in conjunction with an efficient keyword structure has really helped me.

Would you recommend it?

Definitely. If you are an old hand who wants to create order from chaos in Lightroom, this Lightroom course will give you the tools. If you are new to photography this course will start you off with some good habits.