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Mike is truly a FANTASTIC teacher

 23rd Sep 2018

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I am from Brooklyn NYC. Been jumping on each new course of Mike Browne's and that was tremendously helpful. My family saw me diving into photography more and more; as a birthday present helped me to fly across the Atlantic Ocean to visit a photographer who i admire to this day. Mike Browne.

Great friend of mine living in Paris traveled over to be the model and after a 121 tuition day, my dad figured while i was there and we were all having such a lovely time, learning and laughing...added yet a second day to this vividly memorable experience.

Mike is truly a FANTASTIC teacher, photographer and all around wonderful human being. I will not forget this trip and I very highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their photography. Mike breaks it all down to your personal level, whether you are just starting out or are a professional that would like some tips here and there so that you improve. He watched to a few minutes and was able to figure out where i was and what i might be looking for i help with and he nailed it. My portrait shooting will never be the same thanks to him. I don't know how to stress it any further, he is a big "rough trouser wearing bloke" with a huge heart. Highly recommend his courses and definitely a 121 tuition day.

Iain Geoghan

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