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I just got hired to do some corporate photography...

 17th Jul 2018

From a direct email

Hey Mike

You won’t believe this,  I just got hired to do some corporate photography. 

They gave me an initial  “wish list” of shots they would like and artistic liberty to take them as I see fit. Some are benign on the surface some will be challenging. 

In the end all will be challenging as I want to elevate the shots beyond their expectations. 

I want to turn some of the mundane ho hum shots into something wow.  Don’t know how I’m going to accomplish it yet.  I’m planning on figuring it out on the fly.

My goal is to deliver a version of your “Dream Jets” photo to them.... when they see my photos I want them to go Wow, we hired the right guy.

They will be using them for internal communication and publication.

I’m not allowed to divulge the name or share the photos.

Looks like (as long as I can produce) it will keep me as busy as I want for the foreseeable future.

Gotta say I’m pretty nervous and very excited.  

The next level!!!

I also have a few other projects in the works.  Don’t want to say yet as they are in the infant stage.

I just bought a canon prograf 1000 printer so I can start delivering prints to clients.

Thank goodness I have a wonderful and supportive wife - it was expensive.

I have finally printed one of my photos....  it is really nice to see my work on the wall.

Since we did our two days together, I’ve been engaging myself to do more complicated and thoughtful photos.

I finished the restaurant shoot I told you about.  I hope to deliver the photos Saturday.  (Matching schedules with the owner has been a bugger). They turned out great.

I think about our time at the ship construction location.  Waiting for the light.  The difference a beam aid light made.

I’ve really slowed down my photography click less and think more.

I have 2 shoots scheduled for August.  One in Atlanta, Georgia and one in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The one in Atlanta will be extremely challenging, close quarters, poor lighting (I’ll have to use flash) I’ll have to make flash diffusers as not enough room for soft box or umbrellas.

It is going to push me way beyond my current capabilities.

I scheduled it a month out so I can practice in my garage with my daughter in my truck so I can study the light and figure roughly how it will work for the shoot and have time to build custom diffusers.

It’s going to be awesome!

Gotta say again.... thanks for the time together.... it was what I needed!!!

Kevin Baechle

one on one photo training