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7 Steps to Perfect Pictures has helped me get things to look more as I saw them at the time

 8th Feb 2018

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7 Steps To Perfect Pictures7 Steps to Perfect Pictures has...

Helped me understand my creative options.

How has it done that?

I have been a lightroom user for years, and really just wanted to explore the various options and techniques that I knew I was missing out on. I knew how to use brushes and filters but the fine tuning of their use has made a difference to my workflow.

I needed consolidating, if that makes sense. I was doing the right things but, some not enough and some too much, mostly too much as it turns out. I was not mixing and matching the tools enough or incorporating enough subtlety into my adjustments, or returning enough to check WB, highlights, whites, blacks colours, shadows, contrast you get the picture.  

I knew it would not make me a better photographer, but it has helped me get things to look as I saw them, or thought I saw them, at the time.  

It has also made me face what I have known for a long time, I keep too many rubbish photos, maybe I thought  they would improve with keeping I don't know but there has been a big cull with more to come.

The course is worth...?

Doing - well for me anyway! Not because of the huge revelations about lightroom, because there were none, but because of the little things. I had never thought of combining a graduated filter and a brush. Why not? I have no idea because it is completely logical...

Would you recommend 7 Steps to Perfect Pictures?

I certainly recommend it.

Anything else you'd like to say?

Thanks Mike, I have learned from the post production course, and I can't say that about every course I have been on.

John Blackman

John Blackman


John Blackman